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Closed RP Post -- Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk

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[A new job, a new post, was always an anxiety-raising, nerve wracking experience for any maid who had served a single family for years, but Felicia had found the recent changes in her position in the world to be rather pleasant. Her new mistress was much kinder than she had anticipated, and was more than forgiving of Felicia's various mistakes and messes that she made throughout the day. The home of a scientific and engineering , as it turns out, was quite a bit kinder than those blue-blooded clans who came from Old Money.

She had a chance to breathe, a chance to explore, a chance to be herself. And that alone was a blessing that she hadn't expected.

Keeping up with her new mistress, however, was another story. It was early evening, after dinnertime, and Felicia found herself wondering for the umpteenth time that day where her mistress had gone. Turning a corner in one of the expansive hallways of the mansion, near the master bedroom, Felicia peered around like a lost little bird.]

Milady? Are you down here?

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