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Closed RP Post -- Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk

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[A new job, a new post, was always an anxiety-raising, nerve wracking experience for any maid who had served a single family for years, but Felicia had found the recent changes in her position in the world to be rather pleasant. Her new mistress was much kinder than she had anticipated, and was more than forgiving of Felicia's various mistakes and messes that she made throughout the day. The home of a scientific and engineering , as it turns out, was quite a bit kinder than those blue-blooded clans who came from Old Money.

She had a chance to breathe, a chance to explore, a chance to be herself. And that alone was a blessing that she hadn't expected.

Keeping up with her new mistress, however, was another story. It was early evening, after dinnertime, and Felicia found herself wondering for the umpteenth time that day where her mistress had gone. Turning a corner in one of the expansive hallways of the mansion, near the master bedroom, Felicia peered around like a lost little bird.]

Milady? Are you down here?
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[Mei was, in a phrase, busy as hell. She was almost always working and hidden away in the various laboratories and experimentation rooms that populated the house, and as a consequence it was a nightmarish wreck most of the time. That had been before Winston had issued his recall, and periodically Mei had to host various members of the team. Which meant that the place desperately needed to be kept spotless. It wouldn't do for her home to be shabby, even if there were people like Junkrat visiting. So that was where the maid had come in.

Felicia was sweet, and she'd moved in quickly and not asked a lot of questions about the rather...bizarre things that a member of Overwatch and an Antarctic explorer who'd spent a decade mutating in cryostasis had in their home. She was nice, sweet, and while a little bit clumsy she always cleaned up after herself. The getting lost thing though, was just silly.

Mei heard the younger girl calling and poked her head out of a side room, the one that housed Snowball, and smiled.]

Yes, Felicia. Is everything alright?
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[Stepping out into the open, Felicia rested a hand on the doorway and grinned brightly. Though she would be the first to admit that she didn't understand everything that was happening around her when people visited the mansion, they were such a lively and engaging bunch of individuals with unique personalities that she didn't mind. They treated her well too-- like she was an actual person with feelings instead of just someone who punched the clock on a daily basis and went through the motions of the job.

This was a lifestyle for her, and she was proud to be able to help such interesting people.]

Yes, everything is, [she said, smiling brightly.] I was just wondering if there was anything else that you needed before people started to turn in for the night, Milady Mei. You seem like you're busy in here.
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[Unique personalities was certainly right. They were eccentric, but they were what mattered most in this chaotic, unhappy world: they were decent people. That was why Overwatch was founded, to take care of the good and decent people out there. To protect them, the world they lived in, and to improve upon it as well. Felicia may not have the skills and talents that her teammates possessed but she certainly was an asset. And she never, ever forgot Winston's peanut butter.

Rubbing at her glasses, the scientist pulled them off and frowned a little at the mist that'd started to cover the lenses. That always happened in summer, and it was a pain.]

Oh, Actually, what time is it? I have some experiments that need to be run in the morning hours. Weather differentials and the like and I need to be heading to bed soon myself, if it's terribly late.
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It's about eight in the evening, [Felicia stated, not even bothering to look at a watch so much as hazard a guess based on how long it had been since dinner and the golden glow of the setting sun as it passed through the nearest window. Wandering in unbidden, Felicia pulled out a little microfiber cloth she had taken to carrying in her apron and held it out for Mei to take-- the air conditioning systems and ambient humidity were notorious for fogging up glasses.]

Not too late, yet, but it might be if you were planning to wake up early...

[She paused, considering Mei's statement.]

Uhm. How early were you planning to wake up, anyway?
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[Mei mumbled absently, taking the cloth and wiping off her glasses with quick, practiced motions. She starts to drift off, thinking about just what that meant, the cold that suffused her whole body...and is immediately brought back by the maid's question.]

Five, five thirty at the latest. I'm going to be running some temperature analysis in the predawn hours, and then compare them to results from twilight. Testing air pollution levels and attempting to triangulate the locations of the impurities. And then I need to...

[She breaks off then, realizing Felicia probably has no idea what she's talking about.]

Sorry. I'm rambling, and that can't be terribly interesting to you. Forgive me.
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No, no! I like listening to you talk!

[Even if the science was above Felicia's head sometimes, Mei's passion was palpable in her words. It was admirable, to see someone so driven by something that many people alive would throw their hands up in defeat over without even really trying, because they believed that nothing they did would have any impact on the grander scale.

Mei was different. She did believe, and the way it made her eyes shine when she spoke was a sight to behold.]

But, if it's getting too late, I can set the alarms and have tea going for you early, so you can be comfortable while you work.
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[That was why she was a part of Overwatch wasn't it? To watch over the world, and do some good with the gifts she'd been given.

She smiles back readily at her maid. No...friend, and dips her head. She appreciated Felicia's candor, knowing she truly meant those words. She definitely didn't get what Mei was working on, but that was just fine. It was over most people's heads.]

If it's no trouble, I would appreciate that. But if it's very early for you, I can make my own tea, you know.
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[Of course Mei could make her own tea-- most people did, but there was something about having a nice pot already prepared in the morning that made life a little easier. Felicia shook her head.]

No, I don't mind at all. Actually, I'm curious to see what you're going to do.
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[Mei bounced on her heels, rocking back and forth with a little smile.]

Well, if you insist. But, you don't have to. [Waving her hand, the short woman started taking off her gloves and peeling out of her lab coat.] And I suppose I should just let this go for now. The readings are done for today. I guess it's probably time to relax a little before bed.
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That sounds like an excellent idea, [Felicia said, deftly gathering up the gloves and coat so that they could be cleaned up and stored properly for future uses.]

You've been quite busy today, after all. A little relaxation might be good for you.
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I think so too.

[Mei starts walking towards the master bedroom and stops, turning slowly. Smiling fondly, the scientist reaches a hand out to touch Felicia's shoulder, her touch just a little bit too cold to be normal. She meant it to show some gratitude, but it lingered just a touch too long, perhaps. Contact with another person these days was rare.]

Thank you, Felicia. You've been far too kind to me.
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[Felicia smiled warmly at the gesture, unbothered by the coldness of Mei's touch-- appreciating it, in fact. Though she had been away from her homeland in the north for so long, time and distance didn't affect her own affinity for icy climes at all.]

You've been kind as well, [she said, shifting the garments in her arms so she could brush her fingers against Mei's hand.] For taking in a clumsy maid like me, that is.

[Although, perhaps there was a reason for it. Hoarfrost and rime were in her veins, as much a part of her as her smiles and cheer.]
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Well, you're not so clumsy that you're incapable. [Her fingers flex and she steps closer to the mysterious maid. There were a lot of unanswered questions about her, but then there were a lot of things that changed after the Omnic conflict.]

Besides, what kind of person could be mean to someone as cute as you? [Is that a cheeky smile? It's definitely a cheeky smile.]
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Well, people who are way too serious about their jobs, for one.

[She pouted momentarily, remembering some of those rude coworkers as she spoke, but the moment didn't last.]

But not all of them are so rude. Some of them are pretty cute, too.

[Have a cheeky little smile in return.]

Shall we go get you cleaned up and ready for bed?
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[Mei's nose wrinkled up a bit, expression turning a little impish. That word stuck out and she felt like perhaps a little bit of teasing was in order. Her touch slide further down Felicia's arm, fingers trailing along her skin.]

Is it a two person job, now?
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[Felicia felt her ears burning at the teasing, but she tried her best to keep her composure.]

I-- I live to serve, Milady. Helping you any way I can brings me no greater kind of joy or sense of purpose!
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[Mei lets go, rocking on her heels and smiling warmly. She knows what Felicia's saying, but this is something she takes very seriously.]

That isn't anything I can ask of you. Any sort of service in my bedroom you'd provide that isn't in your contract is something that I'd only want if you desired it. Because we are friends, not employers and employees.
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[It was quite serious-- and so was Felicia in her sentiments and words. She shook her head at Mei's words, feeling like she had to lay everything bare for the world to see.]

Mm-mm. You don't understand, it's because we're friends that I enjoy doing all of this. I mean, I don't mind cleaning rooms either, but being together with you is just...nice.
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Oh. Well...then. That changes things.

[Mei smiles all the more brightly and hops forward, leaning her head in and pressing a quick kiss against Felicia's cheek. She's not usually the forward type, but if it is okay, then she doesn't mind being a little bit more bold. Rolling back, she looks up with a pleased smile, all too curious to see how that would be received.]
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[The sudden display was a surprise, and Felicia's face burned at the show of affection. Embarrassed, Felicia buried her face in the labcoat that she was still carrying and giggled like a little school girl-- not at all secretive about her delight in this turn.]

I didn't know you felt that way! [She exclaimed, finally peeking up at her impish mistress, her brilliant smile plain for all the world to see.]

And that does change things. Uhm-- I'm not sure how we're supposed to do this...
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[The giggle wasn't surprising, one that got her going too. Mei snorted and laughed, stumbling backwards and bumping into a wall. She was clumsy, and that was all there was to it.]

You don't know? I mean. I don't either. But we can always just...experiment?

[This isn't science, Mei.]
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[Oh, but it totally could be. Though Felicia didn't understand it too well, the science was interesting. Pulling herself of hiding, she offered a hand to help Mei get back to her feet.] trying a new recipe? Or like what you're trying in the morning?

[She grinned.]

It sounds like it could be fun!
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Just learning new things! I mean. I've never done anything like...that...with a woman before. New experiences make the world go around though.

[She gets up with the help and animatedly gestures towards her bedroom again.]

And if we don't like it, we can stop. Simple as that.

[Mei is not, and never will be, a very sexual or sensuous person. She's awkward, clumsy, and cheerfully friendly though. And optimistic.]

Worst that happens, we think it's silly and go to bed.
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[That made her feel a lot more comfortable. Felicia was not an overly sensual person either, and flirtations or innuendos tended to fly over her head no matter how thick or heavy they were laid on. But being together with the people she cared about was one of her favorite things, no matter how hopelessly akward and silly she was.

Optimism really was the best spice in any kitchen. In many cases, it was really the only one that was necessary.]

I think...I think I'd be happy to try any kind of experiment, as long as it's with you, [Felicia confessed, reaching out to touch Mei's arm with a hand.]

Shall we....for science?
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Yes. For science.

[And for self discovery and all sorts of other things. Mei leads the way into her master bedroom. It's nothing fancy, but it's spacious and well laid out. The bed is large and squishy, covered in pillows. The kind of thing you can just wallow in after returning from a mountain climbing expedition. Which...was probably happening next week but that's not really important right now Mei. She has to beat back the flood of thoughts that come, as they always do whenever she thinks. It's not always so easy being smart.

But...okay. Girl. Bed. And...

Mei yanks Felicia closer, pulling her into a bearhug and just holding that position awkwardly, not sure of what to do besides that. It's nice though.]

Hugs are great.
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[The hug took Felicia by surprise momentarily before she relaxed into it, dropping the laundry and wrapping her arms around Mei, gently squeezing her right back.]

They really are, [she agreed, and nestled her head up against Mei's shoulder. The closeness and intimacy of the touch was all that she really needed...but this was indeed a journey of self-discovery.

And she loved he feeling of Mei's everything in her arms like that.]

Maybe...we should try to get more comfortable, [she breathed softly, and reached up to pull out one of Mei's hair pins and run her fingers through the thick locks.]

Might be a little easier, right?
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[Mei's hair tumbled down once free, and while it wasn't long it was indeed quite thick. She reached her own fingers up to pluck away the hairband on Felicia's hair and then run fingers along her cheek.]

You've got such nice hair. And skin. It's so soft.
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Thank you, [Felicia said, not even bothering to try to hide her blush at the compliments. She ran her fingers through Mei's hair, twisting locks of it around her fingers while she spoke.]

Your hair's really nice, too. I'm almost jealous of how much body it has.
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Don't be!

[Mei meant that in all sincerity. she didn't want anyone jealous of her hair it was...hard to take care of.]

It's very annoying. I have such a hard time with it. Yours's not quite like that. It's normal. [Body or not, it's much more manageable.

Though a thought occurs to her.]

Is this the part where we have to take all our clothes off? I've never been sure when that part comes.
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Yeah, but it's just straight. It doesn't really do anything.

[Even if it was easy to tie back if it was needed, Felicia often felt at a loss of what all she could do with her hair...

The question had Felicia casting Mei a sheepish look in reply. ]

I...I'm not sure, either? I don't really know how to act romantically.

[But her hands were moving regardless of her words, running down Mei's curves in an effort to help her out of her shirt.]

Do you think we're doing okay?
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I dunno! But I'm okay with where it's going right now.

[Mei was basically incapable of being anything other than optimistic and cheerful, and she shivered a little under Felicia's touch. She was not a thin woman, but she definitely had curves, and being touched was basically everything she could ask for.

She started helping by taking the hem of her shirt and peeling it up, revealing a pretty plain bra and quite a lot of pale chest, made all the paler by her usual attire.]

It doesn't have to be perfect, I think.
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No, it doesn't. Just nice and comfortable, [Felicia said, helping to remove the shirt entirely before letting it drop on the floor. Seeing women in this state of undress wasn't uncommon in women's changing rooms, but Felicia had never actually looked before...and, plainness aside, what she saw was very cute.]

Heh. Your complexion's so's like looking at snow!

[Still giggling, Felicia made to unbutton her shirt now-- fair was fair, and she wasn't going to just leave a friend exposed on her own!]
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Well, I don't exactly get to tan much.

[Mei just laughs and steps back, watching with some interest as Felicia gets her own shirt off. It's just for science, of course, but she is curious to see where this is going to go...]
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It suits you.

[Felicia dropped her shirt as she finished, revealing her own lanky figure and fair complexion, covered only by a simple but comfortable bra. She was plain as well-- nothing special, truly-- but she felt comfortable like this.]

Not everyone needs to get a tan. It gets too hot in the summer, anyway.
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[Plain is in the eye of the beholder, and Mei's little gasp certainly says otherwise. She beams, bouncing and clapping her hands together in delight. She's genuinely delighted to see this, and rocks forward, reaching out to press a hand to Felicia's.]

Oh! You are lovely! Goodness, so thin!
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R-really? I'm just all bones!

[She laced her fingers around Mei's as she spoke, blushing furiously the entire time.]

You've got the sort of curves the girls back home would be jealous of. They're nice to hug, better to cuddle up with in a blizzard.